Marble Sheep – Green (Captain Trip)

SH | This begins with an omni chord, which, if it states anything at all, simply says that this is roughly what we’re doing for the next twenty minutes, but it’s a twenty minutes which will compress into a nanosecond or expand into an aeon. It probably doesn’t really say anything at all, although it certainly tries to qualitatively enter the substantive blind indifference of our expanding universe. It’s the kind of narrative which doesn’t move by moving, but this is not the atomised stasis of, say, a Kawabata Makoto deep drone, this is Japanese psychedelia in an Uptight, Green Milk From Planet Orange, Xinli Supreme and Musica Transonic tradition.

They then go into some pretty heavy mid-1970s devil metal styles, pulverizing the opening stasis with a cold, benign, but systematic disregard for the health of all of our eardrums. They have another album called ‘Purple’, which pretty much does the same thing.

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