MSMR – Hurricane (independent release)

CB | In a year in which it’s more common to hear synths than guitars on much of what would traditionally be called ‘indie’, it’s interesting to hear ‘Hurricane’, an anthemic rock song that marries synths, guitars and pounding drums in a stylish and sophisticated way. In its angst and imagery it’s likely to appeal to grown up emos, but that’s no bad thing because MSMR seem, on the basis of ‘Hurricane’, to be worth the fan investment. They seem sincere and heartfelt as well as intelligent, and the gothic flourishes complement the wider sound. It’s dark pop but it’s not goth. The accompanying video is a giddy and unsettling mix of horror films, film noir, implied violence, rampant consumer images, subliminal messages and, thrillingly, Jane Lane and Daria Morgandorfer. No sepulchral crypt crawling for this lot then, but a bit creepy and unsettling all the same.

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