White Blush – Without You (independent release)

CB | Sparse and affecting in its intimacy, this debut release by singer-songwriter Carol Rhyu and producer John Ho evokes the ghost of Julee Cruise’s ‘Falling’ and the unbearable tension of Sonic Youth’s ‘Shadow of a Doubt’. It is beautiful in its sense of longing. Rhyu writes simply on White Blush’s bandcamp page:

‘I was in a relationship with him for four years, which was probably coming to an end for the last two. Aside from the day I told him I was leaving and the day I moved out, I never saw him again.’

Boy Friend recently released an album of harrowing dream pop and while White Blush are coming at cinematic soundscapes from a different angle, ‘Without You’ would sit nicely on a compilation with ‘The Lair’.

I can’t remember ever hearing a debut single as accomplished and seemingly effortless as this, and it is these qualities as much as its hauntingly cinematic dream pop that creates its charm.

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