Poppy and The Jezebels – Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out (Caroline True Records)

CB | As well as being a great slice of surging electro-tinged indie pop from this now grown up teenage band, I can’t help but notice the way that the title, lyrics, and the slogan imagery in the accompanying video are a reflection of both youth unemployment and female unemployment in the UK as the recession continues to bite.

It can’t be much fun to have been brought up in the supposedly utopian nineties and noughties to believe that the world is both your personal cake and cash machine. Especially if you then find that by the time you’ve left school and are looking for work the world has unexpectedly gone back in time to the 1950s and you’re expected to stay at home with the kids instead of being a superwoman/Spice Girl/winner of X Factor (delete as applicable).

As to the more musical aspects of the song, it really does have ‘Year 12 disco’ written all over it, but that’s actually no bad thing. You can dance to it, but I imagine indie purists wouldn’t feel ashamed of downloading it, as it transcends both the pop and the indie market and comes across like a more politicised and less twee Helen Love, had they been from Birmingham and been produced by Richard X.

A contender for single of the year I would suggest.

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