Soccer96 – Soccer96 (Demons Are Real)

SH | It seems the trainers and football of Britpop are already retro, which makes me feel like an old duffer, there’s no getting around it. Soccer96 combine the occasional ‘oi’ gob with live drums and electro deep squelch. They certainly know how to abuse the Moog. This is perhaps The Chandeliers if they were working class British kids who spent all day in their local Wetherspoons. Image-wise, if the late ’90s saw too many ‘music for an imaginary film’ projects in the big beat and post rock camps, here we see the potential return of ‘lost library music for the Sega Megadrive.’ ‘Call To Arms’ has all the brio and vim of Underworld at their most lager-shoutingly ebullient. It could be said that their ‘call to arms’ for nothing in particular is very reflective of 2012, after the riots with their confusing lack of demands. This could completely discredit Soccer96, or make this Art, you decide. For the single, it has been remixed six times, moving us between foggy hangover drifts and back-to-the-bars techno thonx. The album holds much promise, but I want to see guests, Damon Albarn, of course, but also Simeon of the Silver Apples and Roots Manuva. So obvious. I’m glad to see this kind of swagger in retro-facing electronic music, if for no other reason than to provide an alternative to the excessive self-consciousness of ‘hauntology’. But I would also like to know what Fila Brazillia would do to this album if brought out of retirement, and Carl Craig, if he had the time. See, I told you I was getting on a bit.

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