The Lowland Hundred – Adit (Hundred Acre Recordings)

SH | Appropriately, I first came across The Lowland Hundred after a conference on landscapes, where someone gave me a link to their more drifty, field recoring-esque pieces. But this reminds me strongly of classic Pickled Egg releases by artists such as Oddfellows Casino. They really have moved on. It’s very English, and surprisingly very songwriterly, taking everyone in on rewind, through Tindersticks, back to Robert Wyatt. The lyrics are romantic, but with enough of a post-industrial, ruined ruralism to them to be interesting. It might actually be cloying if the instrumentation wasn’t such a brave mix of the lushly reverberating and raw, it doesn’t quite have the sparse witchery of the incredible Crescent, but it’s definitely cut from some of the same cloth. Yes, this is an admirable addition to the English melancholic canon. I am going to slowly lower myself into this and inhabit it for a long time, I can feel it in me waters…

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