UMA – ‘Drop Your Soul’ feat. Silver Apples (Enraptured Records)

DW | More avant-garde name-dropping shenanigans here in the company of a brand-new Berlin-based husband and wife act. There’s an homage to Hugo Ball’s pointy cardboard gadji beri bimba costume on the cover of the single, whilst the accompanying video seemingly cares little that New Order nicked Bauhaus ballet first and managed to evoke the Monty Python fish-slapping dance to boot. Each time I listen to this alternately ululating, crunching and blipping little delicacy, I find it a little more charming. And it’s been helped along by Simeon, the sole survivor of Silver Apples. Nothing mind-frying, but difficult to take against. ‘Wild At Heart’ features the splendidly psychedelic looped vocal ‘let’s build a dreamachine’, the music ticking along with calming precision. It would perfectly accompany a wander through Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbau, eyes closed as the device mentioned in the lyrics pulsed over the angular surfaces. I have to admit to slight disgruntlement though, as with Arkon Daraul. Tickling the back of my mind is the suspicion that the only significance of these nods to Dada et al is the lazy accrual of cultural capital. Maybe I’m the problem. Certain byways of pop have long acted as an entry point to the avant-garde, and that’s all to the good. Move over granddad, I say to myself, and let the kids go geometric and gabble all over again.

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