DJ Marcelle – Another New Mess Meets Further Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory (Klangbad)

SH | Now here is vinyl vindication for my thoughts on the latest Bureau B material (see below). Original Faustian Krautrocker Hans Joachim Irmler combines with DJ Marcelle to do something which definitely isn’t stuck in ‘classic’ Kosmiche mode, to the point where they’re Karaokeizing themselves for a living.

That said, this is a DJ album, and one which collapses some hefty urban sounds into avant garde drift. Joachim Irmler’s Lifelike album on Staubgold was a revelation on the latter terms, and pretty much all the Faust family tree branches have grown outwards, at the same time as their original innovations have been labelled ‘classic’ and pedestalised long after everyone else has moved on. Statues crumble, at the same time as they are held aloft, and this, essentially, is my objection to the unexamined tropes of German 1970s rock, which are re-circulating endlessly these days, like so much bland cultural currency.

There’s nothing on this which will easily fit into anyone’s wallet. We go from People Like Us-esque scree to giant wobstep with a great toaster, and from the neo-folk creations of Daniel Padden and Avey Tare to some intense post-techno techno. Shall I mention the sleeping gerbil who dreams of chicken? Better not.

What this record does, formally – before we even describe what’s on it – was always the point of Faust and ‘where they were at’ at any one time: innovation of cultural form at the edges of the conversation, not creating something ‘cool’ and timeless at all. The idea of culture in play, which this record represents for me, is practical. It is social as well as cultural; I am now going to take segments of this and play them out myself, in-between sequences of my own, in my locale, which will be absorbed by others engaged in similar pursuits.

This kind of record even arriving to be reviewed is justification, for me, for setting up this whole site and the act of writing in the first place. This is the kind of ‘eurozone’ I want to inhabit. More please.

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