About us

This is a new music and culture site, begun by ‘The Steves’, Steve Hanson and Steve Pescott, in order to carry on the musical conversation we began at Ptolemaic Terrascope, and to invite the music writers we have loved to continue that discourse as well. We are beginning small with this, but aiming high, eventually we want an independent website and paper publication, with many writers. Dammit, we want t-shirts, t-shirts and badges.

‘Working the doppler shift’ isn’t supposed to be a title or a brand, but something you do, as a contributor, be that putting things forward for inclusion, or including them. We are trying to get as far away as possible from ‘careers’ and all that stuff while still trying to build something interesting.

We review records, books and films, magazines and ‘zines. We review new things and old things, our ‘brand new second hand’ category is for the thrift shop discoveries. We have a series of reviews called ‘Double Blinds’, in which two or more writers review the same thing completely independently. We have a thread called ‘The Backbone’ which Steve Hanson carried over from The Fold ezine. It works as a kind of regular cultural roundup.

We are developing the format as we go, so we’re open to any suggestions about how to re-orient the spaceship. Contact us.


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