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We the Animals – Justin Torres (Houghton Mifflin)

SM | Philip Roth once wrote a book called The Professor of Desire that I distinctly recall was not very desirable. Similarly, in 1976, Bob Dylan claimed he had an album full of it. He didn’t. The message here is … Continue reading

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Dave Beech et al – Art and Text (Black Dog)

SH | And artists as combinations covers day development, early El from image in Kurt lettering. Lissitzky medium of present right. Schwitters seminal such text, textual, the to up work. A and art artistic been century contemporary defining developments. Has … Continue reading

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Krautrock – Cosmic Rock And Its Legacy (Black Dog Publishing)

SH | The rise and rise of Krautrock, attested to by mainstream television documentaries on the subject, club nights and compilations, means that its otherness risks being drained, and Neu! records suddenly become ‘classics’. It isn’t quite the case that … Continue reading

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Suzanne Treister – Hexen 2.0 (Black Dog Publishing)

SH | Here we have a mind-melting combination of occultism, technology, new media discourse, outsider art and psychedelia, wrapped around a book and a set of Tarot Cards, which accompany Suzanne Treister’s multimedia Hexen 2.0 project. The astonishing dialogue I … Continue reading

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