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DJ Marcelle – Another New Mess Meets Further Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory (Klangbad)

SH | Now here is vinyl vindication for my thoughts on the latest Bureau B material (see below). Original Faustian Krautrocker Hans Joachim Irmler combines with DJ Marcelle to do something which definitely isn’t stuck in ‘classic’ Kosmiche mode, to the … Continue reading

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Schneider TM – Construction Sounds / Kreidler – Den / Camera – Radiate! (all Bureau B)

SH | Here are three recent releases of the post-krautrock type from the Bureau B label. It is possible to identify a spectrum of innovation across them, and it goes: 1) Schneider TM’s album takes the sounds of gentrification, literally a … Continue reading

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Praawander – The Number You Called (Static Caravan limited postcard/download)

SH | The Static Caravan label continues to be amazingly prolific, how they manage to match quantity to quality at this pace is quite beyond me, and the last time I checked they had day jobs. Van 250, by Praawander, … Continue reading

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Labels 1: Mizmaze

SP | Of course there’s nothing in the rulebook that states that we at ‘Doppler Mansions’ can’t on occasion, look back and cover worthy releases from yesteryear, that are still available. This time round, the focus of attention is on … Continue reading

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UMA – ‘Drop Your Soul’ feat. Silver Apples (Enraptured Records)

DW | More avant-garde name-dropping shenanigans here in the company of a brand-new Berlin-based husband and wife act. There’s an homage to Hugo Ball’s pointy cardboard gadji beri bimba costume on the cover of the single, whilst the accompanying video … Continue reading

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Arkon Daraul – ‘AD’ and ‘Silver EP’ (independent release)

DW | Named after a pseudonym of the Sufi writer and scholar Idries Shah and hinting at the European avant-garde and the libertarian left with song titles like ‘Dérive’ and ‘Lotta Continua’, this shady bunch have me suckered straight away. … Continue reading

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Data 70 – Space Loops Volumes One to Three (Enraptured Records)

SP | Volume Three: Data 70 was a more than regular entry in Letraset catalogues in times past, no pun intended. A computer-like typeface in the days of transferable lettering, it was designed by Bob Newman and can be found, … Continue reading

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