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Labels 1: Mizmaze

SP | Of course there’s nothing in the rulebook that states that we at ‘Doppler Mansions’ can’t on occasion, look back and cover worthy releases from yesteryear, that are still available. This time round, the focus of attention is on … Continue reading

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Data 70 – Space Loops Volumes One to Three (Enraptured Records)

SP | Volume Three: Data 70 was a more than regular entry in Letraset catalogues in times past, no pun intended. A computer-like typeface in the days of transferable lettering, it was designed by Bob Newman and can be found, … Continue reading

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Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle – Study Series 08 (Ghost Box)

SH | In ‘hauntological’ music, Derrida’s assertions are being eclipsed by a thin fetish for ‘analog’, ‘library music’, ‘old soundtracks’, and ‘folk’. It designates a particular kind of thrift shopper, and now, with the arrival of Ghost Box – itself … Continue reading

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Füxa – Electric Sound Of Summer (Rocket Girl)

SH | This is folk music. That mix of Velvet Underground, Suicide and psychedelia, coming through gospel via The Spacemen 3, needs a ‘trad. arr.’ credit in 2012. There’s a cover of Suicide’s ‘Cheree’, and a further homage called ‘Marty … Continue reading

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