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DJ Marcelle – Another New Mess Meets Further Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory (Klangbad)

SH | Now here is vinyl vindication for my thoughts on the latest Bureau B material (see below). Original Faustian Krautrocker Hans Joachim Irmler combines with DJ Marcelle to do something which definitely isn’t stuck in ‘classic’ Kosmiche mode, to the … Continue reading

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Martin Brandlmayr, Werner Dafeldecker and Christian Fennesz – Till the old world’s blown up and a new one is created (m=minimal)

SH | The title displays a very now blend of apocalyptic and utopian sentiment. The entirely instrumental recordings then unfold unhurriedly across Part I and Part II, at eighteen and fifteen minutes respectively. This has been tagged as the ‘rebirth … Continue reading

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Schneider TM – Construction Sounds / Kreidler – Den / Camera – Radiate! (all Bureau B)

SH | Here are three recent releases of the post-krautrock type from the Bureau B label. It is possible to identify a spectrum of innovation across them, and it goes: 1) Schneider TM’s album takes the sounds of gentrification, literally a … Continue reading

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The new Shrieking Violet

SH | The Shrieking Violet No.19 is out, with great articles on the Abandon Normal Devices festival, and Stanya Kahn’s ‘It’s Cool, I’m Good’ show at The Cornerhouse. Elsewhere, there’s more Manchester-centric urban exploration and discussion. A truly fine ‘zine, … Continue reading

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Praawander – The Number You Called (Static Caravan limited postcard/download)

SH | The Static Caravan label continues to be amazingly prolific, how they manage to match quantity to quality at this pace is quite beyond me, and the last time I checked they had day jobs. Van 250, by Praawander, … Continue reading

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Driver Drive Faster – To Return / Voices pt.2 (Static Caravan 7″)

SH | After the demise of their previous band, Polytechnic, Driver Drive Faster grabbed their name from the opening line of one of Auden’s poems – ‘Calypso’ – and then began assembling their oevre ‘in a makeshift studio above a … Continue reading

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Bablicon at the ULU, 1999

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