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Ike Reiko – You, Baby (Bamboo Records)

SP | Of all the product I’ve encountered from the house of Bamboo, like, fer instance, reissues from Apryl Fool, Flied Egg and the sprawling box set by Magical Power Mako, the label’s oddest and most obvious niche market candidate(tress) … Continue reading

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Labels 1: Mizmaze

SP | Of course there’s nothing in the rulebook that states that we at ‘Doppler Mansions’ can’t on occasion, look back and cover worthy releases from yesteryear, that are still available. This time round, the focus of attention is on … Continue reading

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Data 70 – Space Loops Volumes One to Three (Enraptured Records)

SP | Volume Three: Data 70 was a more than regular entry in Letraset catalogues in times past, no pun intended. A computer-like typeface in the days of transferable lettering, it was designed by Bob Newman and can be found, … Continue reading

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Sun Ra – Live In London (Transparency Records)

SP | I wonder just how many Sun Ra albums are out there? Even John Szwed shied away from the daunting prospect of a discography in his Ra biography. 128? More?? Not being a millionaire, I could never afford to … Continue reading

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Misty Hush Revival – Your Heart Is Broken (Guerssen Records)

SP | Sneaking a brief glimpse at Guerssen’s reissue of MHR’s ‘Your Heart’ just might have you thinking the worst, in a clenched buttock kinda way. After all, the plain white sleeve, topped and tailed with a line or two … Continue reading

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Steve Pescott at Portsmouth Polytechnic, 1980

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