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DJ Marcelle – Another New Mess Meets Further Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory (Klangbad)

SH | Now here is vinyl vindication for my thoughts on the latest Bureau B material (see below). Original Faustian Krautrocker Hans Joachim Irmler combines with DJ Marcelle to do something which definitely isn’t stuck in ‘classic’ Kosmiche mode, to the … Continue reading

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Soccer96 – Soccer96 (Demons Are Real)

SH | It seems the trainers and football of Britpop are already retro, which makes me feel like an old duffer, there’s no getting around it. Soccer96 combine the occasional ‘oi’ gob with live drums and electro deep squelch. They … Continue reading

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Ital – Hive Mind (Planet Mu)

SH | If ‘Acid Trax’ by Phuture is the Malevich Black Square of the 1990s, a rectangular hole suddenly swallowing the round peg of newly liberated technology, a strangely banal stargate opening in the late 1980s, taking us straight into … Continue reading

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