CB | Cazz Blase is one of two music review editors at The F-Word, she has freelanced for Record Collector, and had a misspent youth as a fanzine writer, during which time, among other things, she created the fanzine Aggamengmong Moggie and wrote demo reviews for a tape label called Little Green Man. She also co-owned and co-ran a very unsuccesful record label called Cheshire Cat. She lives in Stockport.

SH | Steve Hanson was the Reviews Editor for Ptolemaic Terrascope for several years, and Reviews Editor for Plan B for several days. Apart from Plan B and The Terrascope, he has written for Careless Talk Costs Lives, Comes With A Smile, Sound Collector Audio, Bang, The Idler, The Fold ezine and countless ‘zines. Musically, he has collaborated with Steven R. Smith of Mirza, in Arkon Daraul, as well as playing on his solo records, and supplying sleeve artwork for his projects. He also writes about art, social life and politics, for a variety of different publications, in other universes.

SM | Shane Moritz is our night custodian. A ranter, a buff mo sporting, Malkmus-fixated boy wonder, he sends missives from pools in Southwestern USA.

SP | Steve Pescott favours a size nine in footwear. Six foot. He has dabbled in zinedom with such publications as Reuters, Coma, Ptolemaic Terrascope and Adverse Effect. He served time as a non-musician in The Pink Flamingos, Suffer Little Children, Anna Blume, Stereotyping, Anal Jelly and Arkon Daraul. Gives the affirmative sign to Chrome, ‘Les Diaboliques’, Amelia B. Edwards and Peter Cook. First gig attended was the official Tufty Club Roadshow at Emsworth Church Hall… ‘I wanna see a sea of hands out there!’ Has met Tony Selby.

MR | Michard Reltzer is our other night custodian, he doesn’t like phonies and has written for Plan B, The Fold ezine, and many US ‘zines.

JS | Jon Spooner is our Rare Groove, Disco and Funk specialist, in original vinyl format if possible. Labels take note.

DW | David Wilkinson is currently completing a PhD on British post-punk, but we are grateful to him for finding the time to divert some of his outstanding writing in our direction.


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